Why Your Political Campaign Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

29 October 2013
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Should your candidate be tweeting?
Do you need an expert?

By: Tuesday Mahrle

We all know that technology is constantly changing. Today, it’s easier to pull up Facebook or Twitter and get the days highlights than drudge through commercials and anchor commentary.  More often, these social media outlets reveal speculations and world-wide events sooner than your 5 o’clock news.  During the Boston Bombing, runners from the finish line where the first to tweet pictures and information to news outlets. Showing this boost in ‘connectivity’, politics have jumped on the bandwagon.  Politicians are getting back to grassroots campaigning but for the first time, via computer.


The political field hasn’t always been at the forefront of change but when looking for any advantage to take the lead, candidates have joined the opportunity to hash-tag (#) and status update to their constituents liking.  And what recent studies show is it’s paying off.  According to a survey conducted by Civic Engagement in the Digital Age, Obama’s twitter had 20+ million followers after 2012.  He answers constituent’s questions in Twitter Town Hall Meetings and is regularly named in trending hash-tags (#).  But these actions do not stay online.  In 2012, 83% of social media users became involved in a political or social issue of their liking offline.  That number is a campaign manager’s dream!  Volunteer recruitment, donations, and name recognition are now at the touch of a button.


So what has stopped many politicians from joining this necessary field?  Experience…  Managing multiple accounts can be time consuming and down right frightening.  It can take hours out of the day on top of a campaign’s busy schedule.  Social Media Experts know the background tricks of the trade, including keywords, topics, and tools to drive a campaign ahead of the opponent.  Politicians are increasingly realizing that social media campaigns should not just be an after thought and are beginning to reach out for help.  Your campaign should consider doing the same.

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