What We Do

Website Design & Development

The internet is flooded with competing websites all vying for the attention of consumers. As a business, how does YOUR brand stand out? Together, we will mastermind a website design and development plan that echoes everything you are, or desire to be. The Social Grocer will create and build you a fancy-schmancy new website that captures your brand identity so perfectly, you’ll wonder how you ever lived with your old site.   
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Social Media Marketing

Feeling a little lonely? The Social Grocer would love to introduce you to some new pals. The Grocers will help your business create real connections through strategically targeted audiences, custom design and management of social media pages, and content development. Our “grocers” are known all around town as the creative minds behind successful local Facebook campaigns. We agree. We are good. With a little help from the Grocer, you will have plenty of “friends” and followers in no time. Even better, they will be the kind of “friends” that are most likely to purchase your products and services!

Search Engine Optimization

Time and time again, The Social Grocer has come to the rescue of businesses struggling with low search engine visibility by doing all of the behind-the-scenes work necessary to boost rankings. The Grocer’s team of SEO swashbucklers will help get your site seen by doing keyword research, boosting meta data rankings, amplifying qualified traffic, implementing Google webmaster tools, reviewing external and internal link structures, and so much more. SEO is like a science, and The Social Grocer is the mad scientist.   
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Graphic Design

Imagine being able to boast that your business has a fresh and revitalized brand identity that increases revenue and gives you a competitive advantage. We can help! Whether you are looking for print designs for business cards and brochures, custom creation of social media graphics, or blueprinting and developing web pages and blogs, The Social Grocer can create stunning designs that will generate a lasting impression for each of your customers. Not to boast but our logo, The Social Grocer, is one swell-looking and memorable chap!  

Public Relations

Looking to generate a buzz? We can give your brand a stronger buzz than that time you snuck into mom and dad’s liquor cabinet, minushttp://www.thesocialgrocer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/pr-thumb.png the hangover of course. Our Grocers have made it their life’s work (literally!) to dedicating themselves to creating mind-blowing campaigns that elicit lasting results! Allow The Social Grocer to communicate your message and grow your brand.  Call us today!  


Much like high school, in business image is everything. Professional photography is not an option, but a necessity. Your brand has to stand out amongst the others. Whether you need photos for your website, pictures of an event, headshots, or mouth-watering shots for that new cheeseburger you're rolling out next month, or images for ad content, we can take care of that. Well what are you waiting for? Call us today! Before you know it we'll have more pics snapping and cameras flashing than the paparazzi after a Justin Bieber automobile debacle.   Call us today!