The Most Successful Marketing Campaign Ever?

26 May 2015
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By: E.B. Keeve

The fact of the matter is that we like to believe we are in complete control of our decisions..that we have absolute POWER of our purchases based on our needs and wants. However, we tend to get confused by the fine line that separates our NEEDS from our WANTS, as much as we try to deny it.

Take water for example..

It is a natural resource that came along with living on this planet, so essentially it is a free resource for all intents and purposes. Yet, we convince ourselves to pay ridiculous amounts of money annually for a product that we assure ourselves we need in order to survive. While it is true that we need water to survive, we do not NEED to drink $5 bottled water daily to meet this need, especially when we can find the same product in our sinks for free.

We spend $11.8 billion dollars annually on a product that is already in our homes. That’s right, $11.8 BILLION just in the United States alone. Why is it that we have convinced ourselves to pay an arm and a leg for a product that we could get for free in our homes?

The answer is Marketing. Not just marketing, but marketing done correctly.

The bottled water marketing campaign is probably the most successful marketing campaign for a product in history. It is because of the fact that companies have convinced us as a culture that we NEED bottled water and that the water found in our homes is not good enough, healthy enough, or convenient enough for us that we are willing to pay for these products.

This campaign has taught individuals that water can be an accessory or a status symbol we can use to convey meaning simply by drinking a product.

Did you know that there is bottled water that sells for $60,000?! It is water that comes in a solid gold bottle that comes in a leather case, and the water itself contains about 5 milligrams of gold dust. Now why in the world would anyone ever consider buying this you might ask? Marketing again is the answer. By marketing a status that associates itself with purchasing and drinking the product you can consider yourself to be a part of a unique and elite group of individuals living life at a different level of sophistication.

By marketing to a certain type of clientele you are separating yourself from the ordinary and creating a status from a product that could otherwise be free.

Marketing water was probably looked upon as an impossible task in the beginning, but look at the business of it today…it has become one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time and is here to stay all thanks to a group of hard working individuals that made a far out idea become a reality.

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