Meet the Grocers

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

So, here at The Social Grocer we like to do things a little differently. If you are looking for your old man’s marketing agency, you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed. Quite frankly, we feel bad for those cubicle-occupying, no-fun-having, creatively-deficient agencies. At The Social Grocer, we love what we do! When we say “It’s our pleasure to work with you,” we wholeheartedly mean it. Please take a moment to get to know our “Grocers”.

The Social Grocer

The Social Grocer is a pal to every doll and fella around town. He's no bluenose. He's a dapper family man who is always on the level. He's never offered anyone a wooden nickel and has never turned down an invite to dance the charleston. Always one to help out a chap, the Grocer is recognized as a pillar of the community and always one that is sought-out for advice. You may eye him at a local speakeasy sharing laughs over a Gin Rickey, but don't be shy, he's very approachable. He welcomes anyone to say hello and will always tip his hat to you. This nifty marketing genius is humble. Although he isn't one to beat his gums, the rest of our team feels that the Grocer is the bee's knees.  


Mac is known as 'Bossman’ around the office. His knack for marketing can only be surpassed by his fun personality and sense of humor. He has a propensity for causing office belly-aches from antics that could only be categorized as “somewhat inappropriate”. He is beloved because of the genuine care and devotion he shows for his co-workers and clients. Around the office, he thoroughly enjoys nibbling on free desk candies and loves peanut butter on saltines, but simply is never hungry around lunchtime…go figure? He is a University of Minnesota grad with a Business major and Communications minor. Gardening and fishing soothe his busy and restless mind. After you meet him, you will never forget the positive impression he leaves!  


Gil, the consummate family man, has been a graphic designer for 12 years and returns from work, at the grocer, each day to his lovely wife and baby boy. He states that they are his artistic inspiration. Gil plays the bass, guitar and sings in a local rock band. Our team thinks that his music rocks, but wait till you see his design work with the social grocer. He's so innovative! Gil doesn’t own a comb but instead uses his magic fingers to style his do. He has a tattoo for every country he has visited and once even prize fought a local tough-man at the base of the Great Wall of China. To this we say zuò dé hâo (well done)!  


Kelli was born and raised in Utah, and grew up believing that she was the only non-Mormon in the State. Latest reports show that she may have been right. She is an ASU grad and a cunning linguist. Wordplay intrigues her and she always is interacting with others. While Kelli is an amazing photographer, with bad-ass skills, you will never find a personal photo of her, as she is only comfortable behind the lens, not in front of it. Kelli is an amazing chef. If she won the lottery, she would go to culinary school to better her skills. Don’t worry friends, the lottery would not stop her from driving a sensible sedan or seeking-out deals on Zulilly and Gilt.  Choosing her death row meal, Kelli would have crepes covered in peanut butter and maple syrup, fresh cut strawberries, and coconut gelato.